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Insurance Options

We believe each of our clients is unique and your personal risk profile requires a bespoke solution. We customise our products to suit your lifestyle. You might live in a secure estate so want to exclude theft in your household insurance. Or only insure in excess of 20K. Our brokers will personally assess your needs and wants and create a solutions especially for you.


Medigro’s Personal Insurance division provides short-term cover for both individuals and families, that is tailored to your unique needs. Our solutions include insurance for your home, household contents, vehicles and almost any personal assets you can think of.

Our advanced systems enable fast policy issuing, fuss-free premium collections, as well as rapid policy changes and highly efficient claims settlements. All of these processes are overseen by your Personal Broker who’ll ensure you always receive the best possible service.

Important: It’s essential that all insured items are valued correctly and that the risk is rated competitively. Our expertise will ensure that you’re properly covered at a competitive price.



We offer fully comprehensive cover on all businesses and other ventures including medical practices, farming operations, as well as larger institutions such as hospitals and clinics.

Our expert advisors have the know-how to ensure full and correct cover in order to prevent any financial losses occurring within your business.


Professional indemnity, or medical malpractice, insurance is an area where no professional practitioner can afford to be without insurance. Our highly-skilled advisors have the experience to understand the special requirements of our clients.

We provide the best possible cover through various insurers at reasonable premiums.


What makes us different


Medigro will appoint Assist Risk survey to compile an inventory of your contents at no cost to you.
The only requirement is that should you not agree to the increase in the sum insured or you cancel your policy with Medigro within a period of 6 months of the completion of the Assets survey the costs of the survey will be recovered from you. The policy is on a replacement basis and the Asset Risk Survey will make sure that the replacement values of the contents is recorded rather than the depreciated cost thereof.


Medigro have the option for you take part in the Insurance program by allowing you opt for additional excess structures that could reduce your premium substantially. These excesses would be in addition to the normal policy excess structures. We believe that this provides the claim free clients with an option to reduce the premium and save the client a substantial amount over a period of time.

For example: You may elect to start off with additional excess structures of R1 000.00 with the option to increase the amounts as you save the premium equal to the excess structure selected. The idea is to take advantage of our Savings option where the premium saving is invested with Investec Bank on a monthly basis in your own individual name. These funds are always available should you require to make use of it when you have a claim. Alternatively this saving will increase month by month. If you chose to take advantage of this additional service, your policy will have a risk section referred to as Savings. Many of our clients that have paid for overseas trips, children’s weddings etc. from these savings.