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Useful Tips


Drop a coin into the windscreen water bottle, stick one under the ashtray or in a parking light lens.

Pull seat belts out to their limit and write your personal details on them.

Make a mark on any part of the car unlikely to be stripped by car thieves.

Don’t leave valuables lying in visible sight.

The most effective deterrent is still a visible one – gearlocks are affordable, can be installed without being unsightly and result in premium discounts.

For more expensive vehicles, a satellite-tracking device is recommended. Please ask us for more information and advise.



Always keep a record of serial numbers on new electronic equipment, as well as make, model etc.

Mark electronic equipment with nail polish or an engraver.

Take photographs of family members alongside valuable paintings or rugs.

Inventories are an excellent way to determine the value of household goods, as well as serving as a reference should you experience a burglary – contact us for more detail admin@medigro.co.za

Remember that alarms must always be activated, even if you’re only out for an hour or two – negligence can lead to a claim being refused.

Cellphones are prime targets and easily stolen – to prevent a thief being able to sell the handset for use, blacklist the phone with your service provider and quote the serial number (to obtain this number or IMEI, simply Dial *#06*# on your cellphone, and write it down in a safe place, and let your broker keep it on file!)

Handbags or wallets that are stolen cause a headache when credit cards have to be stopped – make Photostats of all your cards and store in a safe place for easy and quick cancellation.

Remember – in any situation, you and your family’s lives are more important than earthly goods!

Did you know?

Most items stolen that are recovered are never returned to their owners…

Use these tips to help you in identifying your property